What We Do



We facilitate conflict resolution circles and train others to use restorative practices to build safe and peaceful communities.

Restorative practices are increasingly being used in our justice and education systems to respond to conflict and repair harm. Restorative practices are used to hold individuals accountable for harm caused, while also providing all parties directly affected by the conflict—both victims and communities—an opportunity to come together to identify and address their needs and make amends.

Peacebuilders’ offers conflict resolution and mediation services to respond to conflict in communities and schools throughout the GTA. We also offer training in restorative justice principles and practices to help others build safe and peaceful communities. Our restorative methods, Peacebuilding Circles, are based on the practices used in the Carcross/ Tagish First Nation, and were adapted to serve Toronto’s diverse urban neighbourhoods.


Peacebuilders’ staff bring a trauma-informed approach to conflict resolution, and incorporate anti-oppression and harm reduction principles.

We offer conflict resolution facilitation in:

  • Communities impacted by harm and trauma
  • Elementary, middle and secondary schools


Peacebuilders’ staff bring a passionate and informed perspective on restorative justice to every training and workshop. Our trainings give you the skills you need to help mediate conflict in a variety of settings, understand core restorative justice concepts and principles, and support youth in conflict.

We offer workshops and training on:

  • Restorative Justice principles and practices
  • Restorative practices and Peacebuilding Circles with youth in conflict with the law
  • Restorative practices and Peacebuilding Circles for elementary, middle, and high-school students
  • Youth victimization and empowerment

Request for Services or Training

As a non-profit organization, proceeds from our services and training help fund our community-based youth programs. Standard pricing is available, but is also offered on a sliding scale to ensure barrier-free services.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and training, please contact info@peacebuilders.ca