Our Founder, Eva Marszewski, talks with The Conversation on what the youth of the country need, to lead positive and successful lives. The government is taking a positive step towards bettering the lives of the youth but there is a long way to go.

Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services closed 26 youth detention facilities due to a decrease in admission over the last 15 years. While the government announced the closure of youth detention facilities, they also mentioned the redesigning of the state guardianship system. However, there is not much clarity on how these two measures will help the youth.

The closure of these facilities will bring about a positive development in the lives of the youth as it means that the Youth Criminal Justice Act is working. It also confirms that criminalized youth will not be imprisoned. But there are some concerns about the closure.

Youth Welfare Organizations believe that even though the government has decided to shut down youth detention centres and redesign the state guardianship system, not much has been done to develop a more responsive youth transition framework.

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