During National Volunteer Month we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the remarkable volunteers who have significantly contributed to our Leaders of Tomorrow program, leaving an mark on the lives of participating youth. Their unwavering commitment has empowered us to impart valuable lessons on effective communication, thus mitigating instances of physical altercations.

This month we recognize the leadership of Ruth Edelstein and Alex Nanan, whose collective service spans between 5 to 10 years. Dive into their inspiring narratives below.

Meet Alex

How many years have you been volunteering with Peacebuilders?

I have been volunteering with Peacebuilders Canada for a little over four years now! I completed the training in February of 2020.


What are your highlights volunteering at Peacebuilders?


What advice would you give to future Peacebuilders volunteers?

The advice I would give to future Peacebuilders volunteers is to keep an open mind and to not have tunnel vision and focusing on just the young person’s charges. The goal is to understand the youth, not the other way around. This role requires building rapport and trust with the youth you are working with and the only way that can be established is by giving respect and having a non-judgemental approach when addressing their charges and situation. There will be a lot you don’t know until you hear the youth’s perspective. That is why it is important to show humility, give respect and appreciate the young person’s differences.