David Clayton-Thomas

Benefit Concert

About David Clayton-Thomas:

The days when music was a driving force for social change are not over… the outspoken young songwriter who gave us “Spinning Wheel” and “Brainwashed” in the sixties has struck again. Now a master songwriter at the peak of his powers, he trains his eye on life in the 21st century.

On November 20, accompanied by seven of Canada’s best jazz musicians including special guest performer Genevieve Marentette, David Clayton-Thomas will perform some of his most famous hits, and present—for the first time—new songs from his upcoming album, Say Somethin’.

Say Somethin’ is a searing look at the times we live in and a fervent prayer for the future. Clayton-Thomas’ songs confront the most important issues of the day: climate change, immigration, gun control, politics, the justice system. Written with disarming honesty and a wicked sense of humour, Say Somethin’blazes bold new trails musically and makes a powerful statement about the complex times we live in.