Written By Shahaddah Jack, Youth Ambassador and Journalism Student

Building Community One Circle at a Time

As the sun shines brightly upon us, we are excited to share the incredible progress and achievements of our youth participants over the past few weeks. Our Restorative Justice Program’s summer initiatives have focused on empowering young people to become leaders within their communities while providing them with transferable life skills through restorative trainings.

This summer, our Restorative Justice Program continued its commitment to cultivating positive change within communities through youth-led dialogue circles. These circles have served as a safe space for open and supportive conversations on critical issues. Our dedicated youth facilitators have been essential in guiding these discussions, ensuring that everyone’s voices are heard, respected, and valued.

Our youth participants have not only facilitated these dialogue circles but have also taken on the responsibility of organizing and planning the sessions. This opportunity for experiential learning has allowed them to develop key leadership skills such as conflict resolution, teamwork, effective communication, and empathy.

Words of Reflection from our Circle Keepers

“After two years of bouncing from jobs that seemed never-ending, working with Peacebuilders this summer was like a breath of fresh air; it made me feel important, wanted, respected, and appreciated. One word that comes to mind when I think of my experience is enrichment. This applies to my speech, listening, and thought processes in general. I discovered that with the correct atmosphere and support network, personal growth can be achieved.”
-Youth Animator #1

“My experience at Peacebuilders was full of learning and healing! Really grateful to have been supported by amazing staff throughout my restorative Justice journey. I can’t wait to use all the skills I’ve learned over the summer in my own school! “
-Youth Animator #2

Youth Empowering Youth

As we say goodbye to another successful summer, we look forward to the future of this program with hope and excitement. The impact of our Restorative Justice Program goes beyond the summer months. We are committed to continuing our work in empowering young leaders and nurturing restorative justice in our communities all year round.

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