It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news of the passing of Ken Lewis earlier this week, following a stroke late last year. Ken was a fierce and loyal champion of Peacebuilders and, for the past 14 years, vital to our now renowned annual Spring for Peace Fine Wine Auction. Every year, Ken collected the donated Fine Wine, ensured they were properly stored, assembled the lots, detailed the tasting notes, valued them and brought them to our event venue where he also did an exceptional job of showcasing them for bidders.

Ken’s expertise, hard work and commitment to the work of Peacebuilders fostered the spectacular growth of our Fine Wine Auction. Additionally, Ken also supported other charities like the Canadian Opera Company and the Olympic Foundation with their Fine Wine Auctions. His incredible knowledge provided wine appraisals to long-standing wine connoisseurs and to philanthropic oenophiles. While his reputation as a wine appraiser was well known, unknown to many was his musical acumen — Ken was a talented saxophone player!

Ken’s support and sage counsel were great assets to Peacebuilders. Ken was always gracious and we will sorely miss his expertise and kindness. Ken leaves behind his assistant and dear friend, Nolan Charles, who was like a son to Ken. There are no other relatives or next of kin.

We are saddened to lose Ken as a cherished friend to Peacebuilders. As a tribute to his dedicated service, we are asking for donations to cover the costs of his funeral and memorial service. Please consider donating in memory of Ken to help us reach our goal. Thank you.