Dear Friends and Supporters of Peacebuilders,

No doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has touched us all. But, as is often the case, marginalized individuals and communities are more profoundly hurt. And we are bracing for the additional hardships and deepening struggles that they will face due to the massive economical and societal impacts of COVID-19.

School and system shutdowns have significantly limited the access to services and employment, and to mental health and educational supports to those who we serve. As an organization we can easily predict that after COVID-19, there will be greater numbers of youth facing mental health crisis, in conflict with the law, experiencing unsafe home environments and disenfranchised from the education system.

Many youth have already fallen through the cracks and been left behind of the on-line education system. Research has shown that when youth are no longer meaningfully engaged in school, their chances of interactions with the Justice system rise dramatically.

Our Spring For Peace online fundraiser has never been more important. Funds are needed now to maintain current operational needs and to plan for future supports necessary to meet the needs and lessen the impacts of post COVID-19 health crisis on youth and their families.

We must make sure that our youth do not become entrenched in hopelessness and do not fall further behind in this crisis. Our youth need to know there is hope and they are not alone – that we are all here for them.

Please support Peacebuilders Canada to ensure that our young people have access to supportive services and programs that will meet their current and post COVID-19 needs.

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Marlon Merraro,
Executive Director