Peacebuilders Canada is working to help combat sexualized violence within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and the Youth Criminal Justice System.

On behalf of Peacebuilders, research assistant Michelle Scully has written a report detailing the prevalence of sexualized violence within the TDSB and the Youth Criminal Justice System in Toronto. This report also looks at the potential use of restorative justice practices to help address sexualized violence in schools.

Born and raised in Toronto, Michelle Scully has always been fascinated by the criminal justice system. As a young adult Michelle recently completed her B.A. (Honours) degree at Dalhousie University, where she majored in Psychology and double minored in French and Gender & Women’s Studies.

It was at Dalhousie that Michelle realized her interest in working with people who had been affected by sexualized violence. This led her to volunteer at Dalhousie’s Sexualized Violence Support Centre, and later with Peacebuilders Canada.

Through her research, Michelle uncovered promising findings which support the use of restorative justice practices in incidents of sexualized violence in schools. In fact, evidence suggests that restorative justice can help remedy the harm caused by sexualized violence when steps are taken to support the well-being of those who have been harmed.

With this evidence-based understanding, Peacebuilders is more committed than ever to addressing sexualized violence in our schools and the Youth Justice System. We endeavour to develop and provide restorative support services to help reduce the prevalence of sexualized violence in schools and to provide professionals with the skills needed to engage those harmed and those causing harm in alternative ways. Peacebuilders will also create opportunities for youth to develop and implement education materials and tools for their peers.

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