Help Peacebuilders win up to $30,000 in funding.

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We are excited to be named a Top 10 Finalist for the Lerners LLP 90th Anniversary Charitable Giveaway! The event will see a total of $90,000 donated to various charities and not-for-profit organizations which have impacted clients, staff and friends in a meaningful way.

Please click here to view our submission and scroll to the bottom to cast your vote before Sept 30. No registration is required.

What we can achieve with this funding:

Now, more than ever, schools need additional supports for young people. These funds will help hire a dedicated staff person at each of our partner schools to support young people in conflict and to work to prevent their movement down the school-to-prison pipeline.

Our schools reported that having a Peacebuilders staff on-site has had a direct impact on the school culture, decreasing suspension rates (up to 80%) and increasing the number of students who identify that there is a safe and caring adult that they trust within the school.

It will never take you less time to help an NGO raise $30,000! One second of time to vote yields big dividends.

We thank you for your support!