Norma Nicholson, a mother, former nurse, educator, author, and activist, has devoted her time to researching and documenting the experiences of Black youth adversely affected by systemic racism within the criminal justice system. 

In February, we were honoured to take part in the Regent Park CHC’s Black History Event, “Strengthen Our Roots.” During this event, the Peacebuilders team facilitated a fireside chat with Ms. Nicholson, providing an invaluable opportunity for community members to engage with her work. Participants had the chance to delve into the narratives featured in her latest publication, “End, Incarceration of Black and Minority Youth,” which underscores the ineffectiveness of incarcerating children and youth to address “delinquent” behaviours. 

Ms. Nicholson captivated the audience with poignant anecdotes and offered practical insights on how communities can collaborate to support the next generation of youth. Her discussion resonated deeply with attendees and echoed the ongoing efforts of Peacebuilders to advocate for Restorative Justice programs and increased research in this field.