Peacebuilders recognizes and supports Children in Youth in Care Day. As a member of the Ontario Children’s Advancement Coalition, we stand with the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto in celebrating the diversity, strengths and successes of young people across Ontario.


A message from Paul Rosebush, CEO of Children’s Aid Society of Toronto:

Dear CAS Toronto Colleagues;

Today, marks ‘Children and Youth in Care Day’ in Ontario. This day was first proclaimed into law in 2012, and it serves as an opportunity to raise awareness within and beyond the child welfare sector about the positive contributions current and former youth in care make to our community. Across our city and province, it’s a chance to unite together to honour the challenges of their pasts and to ensure the success of their futures.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Children and Youth in Care Day has never been more important. Through isolation, physical distancing as well as compounded financial, housing and mental health challenges, it’s integral that those served by Children’s Aid Societies and Indigenous Child and Family Well-Being Agencies feel a sense of connection and recognition. Now more than ever, we must ensure that youth feel seen, heard and supported.

Yesterday I was able to join the PARC virtual Child and Youth in Care celebration and hear several youth share their stories of strength which fit with the overall theme of the event, resilience. They were magnificent!

Today, there will be a virtual lunchtime magic show for children and youth to take part in, which should be a wonderful Friday activity for them to be part of. Thank you to everyone who has made these events possible and found creative new ways to engage our children and youth.

While our communities may be navigating unprecedented times, the strength of children and youth in care remains unwavering. Today, and every day, we celebrate children and youth, their diversity, strengths and successes.

Stay safe and be well.