Communication, cooperation, teamwork, and leadership — These are the skills that our youth developed on our trip in collaboration with the Tim Hortons Foundation Camp! This spring, Tim Hortons Foundation Camp supported us in sending 11 of our youth to an unforgettable day camp experience.

This is the second year that our partnership with the foundation has provided our youth with first-time experiences to explore nature, travel outside of their community, and most importantly, meaningfully connect with their peers. Our youth participated in various team-building activities including low ropes challenges, interactive farm life education, and “living lab” experiential learning. We hope to partner for a third year and bring more youth for this life-changing opportunity next year!

7 youth sitting on benches in a farm setting with educational posters in the background. The 2 youth at the front of the group are looking at the camera and holding a fluffy bunny wrapped in a towel on their lap. One is giving the camera a thumbs up.
A group of approximately 10 youth walking away from the camera. They are surrounded by trees and headed to a grass field. The sky is overcast.

Youth Reflections

“Overall, an amazing experience. Camp Counselors were very helpful and made sure everyone
was safe around the animals.”

“I loved meeting and petting the animals, and the misty light rain weather that brought out the
nature side of the trip.”

“It was a great experience. I have been in a camping setting before when I was younger. But I
feel like everyone was on the same page and together.”

Youth Mentorship Program

We provide youth with meaningful community engagement and civic action opportunities, like this one, through our Youth Mentorship Program. Click HERE to learn more