Our mission is to increase the capacity of youth, communities and the education, justice, and child welfare systems to communicate and manage conflict through restorative Peacebuilding dialogues.

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Senators Go to Jail

Did you know that Senators, MPs, and the Judiciary can, and in fact have the right to, visit all federal penitentiaries in Canada? Learn what they learned in a new report entitled, Senators Go to Jail: When, why, and what did they find? The report highlights concerns...

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#PBListens: Building a Better Youth Court

Throughout the month of December, we continue to raise awareness about important issues in youth justice. Scroll the gallery below as we share stats, information and stories about access to justice issues for youth in Toronto. Click here to view the entire campaign on...

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Program Evaluation Results, A New Initiative and Restorative Justice in Modern Institutions

Restoring Hope: An Evaluation of the Restorative Youth Circles Program

In 2021, a comprehensive evaluation of Peacebuilders’ Restorative Justice Programs was conducted by Scot Wortley, Professor of Criminology at University of Toronto, revealing an amazingly positive impact that the program has had on youth participants.

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Our new initiative: The Adolescence Project

It is important to understand the real challenges that our youth face and there needs to be a better understanding of the significant brain growth and development happening throughout adolescence as evidenced by emerging science. Tailoring our approach to youth during these critical years, focussing on restorative justice practices, and providing positive opportunities will lead to much brighter futures.

Restorative Justice: How it can be translated into modern institutions

Reflections by Barry Stuart in conversation with Eva Marszewski, from Catalysing Change Week 2021. From writing the constitution of Papua New Guinea to sitting as the Chief Justice of the Territorial Court of Canada’s Yukon – from criminal justice to restorative and community justice – our urgent challenges call for a better way.