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Volunteers are vital to our success

Peacebuilders’ volunteers share our commitment to working towards a more just and equitable society for young people. Volunteers with a diverse range of professional and educational backgrounds and lived experience play an integral role in our programming, fundraising, awareness, and service activities. We recruit volunteers with the skills, experience, qualifications, and passion to meet our needs and offer rewarding opportunities to make a difference.

Download a copy of our volunteer application form using the button below:

Circle Keepers

Peacebuilders works with a committed group of trained volunteer Circle Keepers whose professional and life experience provide an extraordinary level of service to our young people. We train Circle Keepers to use Peacebuilding Circles and restorative methods with young people to resolve conflict and repair harm in our justice and education systems.

What are the requirements?

Given the number of volunteer applications Peacebuilders receives, we are unable to meet with each applicant in person. We prioritize applications from individuals with experience in conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution, social work, youth work, and education, or with relevant lived experience and familiarity with the youth justice and education systems. Volunteers must demonstrate a willingness to work within an anti-oppressive framework to promote equal, non-oppressive relationships between individuals and communities.

We require a current police and vulnerable sector check to be completed. Information related to Toronto Police Service reference checks are available at:

What is the commitment?

Volunteer Circle Keepers commit to a minimum of 6 months to one year with the program, volunteering approximately 3 hours per week for 6 weeks at a time.

Student placements

*NOTE: All placement positions for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 have been filled.

Peacebuilders offers student placements to a variety of college and university programs.  If you are interested in future placement opportunities, please request that the Placement Coordinator or Program Supervisor at your college/university contact Jody Dunn, Justice Program Manager.

Jody Dunn
Restorative Justice Programs Manager
Tel: (416) 960-9778

If you are interested in learning about our summer student and articling program, contact Laura Sardella, Youth Justice and Advocacy Lawyer.

Laura Sardella
Youth Justice and Advocacy Lawyer
Tel: (416) 960-0105