For Counsel

What is Peacebuilders’ Restorative Youth Circles (“RYC”) Program?

Peacebuilders’ RYC program is comprised of two stages:

1.       Leaders of Tomorrow (“LOT”) Peer-to-Peer Circles – this stage provides an opportunity for young people in the program to meet on a weekly basis. At these Circles, Peacebuilders’ staff lead the participants in a discussion of ethics, values such as respect, honesty, and responsibility, as well as current issues facing today’s young people.

2.       Individualized Circles – in this stage, each young person is assigned two volunteers who meet with the youth in weekly Circles. Once they have built up trust and rapport, they discuss the incident that led to the young person’s charges, focusing on the youth’s underlying circumstances and how (s)he might go about making amends.

Upon completion of the Individualized Circles, the volunteers, along with staff, draft a report to be provided to the young person’s counsel and any other referral source. The report outlines the steps that the young person has taken to accept responsibility for his/her actions and make amends.


Where does the program take place?

Most of the programming occurs at the Centre for Social Innovation at 720 Bathurst (just south of Bloor).


How long will the program take?

Each stage of the program takes approximately four to six weeks, for a total of approximately three months.


What do I need to do to get my client into the program?

To have your client enter our program, you need to send him/her to our office at 311 Jarvis (room 150) for an intake. Alternatively, you can call us and we will have a staff or trained volunteer attend at the Court at 2201 Finch for intakes as needed. When conducting an intake, we require the following information:

·         the name of the referral source;

o   where participation is through Extrajudicial Sanctions (“EJS”), we will need a copy of the EJS form;

·         your client’s police report with the referred charges clearly indicated;

·         your client’s form of release;

o   note that if your client has restrictions on interacting with his/her co-accused and both are in our program, this bail condition will need to be varied;

o   note that if your client has restrictions on being near Bathurst and Bloor, this bail condition will need to be varied;

·         whether you have agreed to a peace bond as part of the diversion package; and

·         any other information you think would be helpful for us to have.


My client has a unique situation, can you accommodate?

We make every effort to accommodate our clients’ needs. Please speak with us to determine whether we can work with your client’s situation.


Any other questions?

Come by the Peacebuilders office at 311 Jarvis (room 150) or call 416-960-9778