Restorative Youth Circles Enhanced

The Restorative Youth Circles Enhancement (RYCE) Projectfunded by a 3-year grant from Youth Justice Canada, enables Peacebuilders to expand its reach to provide youth with access to justice in the Jane and Finch Community. Part of this expansion is planned to include a portion of the program which will focus on following up with youth after their charges have been resolved.

  • Peacebuilders’ uses the Peacebuilding Circle methodology to address root causes of violence, crime and harmful behaviour while teaching critical life skills and promoting leadership and community building helping to divert youth from the justice system and keep them in school

The RYCE project is unique for Peacebuilders because of its collaborative approach. Our primary partner for this program is Promoting Education and Community Health (PEACH). Additionally, Peacebuilders collaborates with Osgoode Law School, York University, and the Toronto Police Services in the region.

PEACH provides enhancement and support services to youth primarily located in the north-west quadrant of Toronto.  PEACH works to build resiliency of adolescent youth who have encountered a crisis in their education. PEACH programming creates conditions that youth need to bounce back from adversity, through positive activities and relationships.

Together, PEACH and Peacebuilders have developed a partnership to implement a coordinated and collaborative response to support youth in the Jane and Finch Community of Toronto.

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Peacebuilders… is an agent of positive change motivating – not forcing – people to talk openly about how they can learn from their mistakes… The judicial system is often based on precedents, while Peacebuilders tends to focus on the person.

Father of an RYC Youth Participant (January 2012)

Without hesitation, I am pleased to report the Peacebuilders program (Youth Circles) has proved effective in identifying and addressing underlying issues which contribute to Young Persons making poor choices.

-Scott Graham, Crown Counsel