JET Gearing Up For More Sales

On August 27th, Peacebuilders Junior Entrepreneurs in Training had their first used iPod sale at the Regent Park Farmers Market. The Junior Entrepreneurs set up a table displaying the donated electronics and youth from all over Regent Park visited the table. They were excited that there was an opportunity in the neighborhood to purchase these electronics. It was a success! JET sold 3 iPod’s, 1 iPhone, 1 Blackberry and increased their status in the neighborhood with the support of the youth customers who were anxious for JET to have other sales dates.

The Peacebuilders team is in the process of building a partnership with Upper Canada College to increase the scale of success by reaching out to more youth with the help of more youth.

JET is also planning a sale at Eastdale CI in December to engage the student population in the school and provide affordable electronics.

Donations of used electronics are always appreciated. For more information about JET please visit the JET page.

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