Planned Giving

You can continue to make a positive impact on Toronto’s youth in conflict for generations by including Peacebuilders (International) Canada as part of your Estate Planning.

There are many different ways to remember Peacebuilders in your Estate Planing. You can:

  • Make a Bequest in your Will, which is where you specify either a set amount of money or percentage of your Estate to donate to Peacebuilders International (Canada)
  • Donate Property through your Will
  • Donate an RRSP or Insurance Policy by naming Peacebuilders International (Canada) as your beneficiary
  • Create a Charitable Remainder Trust which would allow you to receive an income tax credit today, while still using your gift during your lifetime. It is only when the beneficiary of the trust passes away that Peacebuilders will receive the unused portion of the gift.

We  recommend that you speak with your lawyer or financial planner for more information on how to include Peacebuilders in your Estate Planning.