Peacebuilders’ focus is not solely on what we do, but also how we do it. The restorative dialogue process that we call a Peacebuilding Circle is our fundamental methodology and central to all of our programs and initiatives. Peacebuilding Circles are structured group dialogues based upon traditional Aboriginal healing circle models that have been adapted by Peacebuilders to serve Toronto’s multicultural, urban populations. 

Circles employ a restorative justice approach that facilitates non-confrontational, egalitarian, and healing dialogues between youths and community members. Circles create a safe space and enable people to have respectful conversations about difficult subjects, share different perspectives, accept responsibility for their actions, and re-build relationships.



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“While there are many youth programs in Toronto, few give youth a voice and an opportunity to be heard. The youth participating were engaged, reflective and for many, I suspect this is one of the few moments in their lives that someone was listening without judgment. Peacebuilders intervention through teachings, acceptance and understanding will go much further than the initial program as it encourages youth to strive for a better future and reminds them that it is never too late to start on a new path.”- Bridgette Estrela, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment