Peacebuilders’ focus is not solely on what we do, but also how we do it. The restorative dialogue process that we call a Peacebuilding Circle is our fundamental methodology and central to all of our programs and initiatives. Peacebuilding Circles are structured group dialogues based upon traditional Aboriginal healing circle models that have been adapted by Peacebuilders to serve Toronto’s multicultural, urban populations. 

Circles employ a restorative justice approach that facilitates non-confrontational, egalitarian, and healing dialogues between youths and community members. Circles create a safe space and enable people to have respectful conversations about difficult subjects, share different perspectives, accept responsibility for their actions, and re-build relationships.

In Memory of Rosalind ‘Ros’ Plummer

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the unexpected passing of Rosalind “Ros” Plummer, a long-standing Peacebuilders volunteer.  Ros not only volunteered as one of our Circle Keepers but also served on our Spring for Peace Gala Committee from 2009 to 2012, first as Co-Chair of the Auctions Committee and then Co-Chair and Chair of the entire event.  Her dedication to help those less fortunate, her kindness, dynamism, never-ending energy and good humour will be remembered by all who came into contact with her.

Thank you for your generous contribution in Ros’ memory.